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so my house caught fire the inside is is burned and damaged Beyond repair we’re living with her father because we have no place to go. We are trying to figure out what to do it’s kind of hard people have been helpful giving us things donating things the police have been helpful.. We’re just looking for places to live checking out whatever houses are for rent whatever can work with Section 8 or we can get off of Section 8 and just pay for our own place a much smaller place if we don’t use Section 8 we have a GoFundMe account my mother made Red Cross help the little we’re trying to see how much more they can help since I heard they usually put people up in hotels or something it would be so much better than staying with her father he has a one-bedroom place he’s an old man he’s not used to having a lot of kids at his house and my family my family is separated because my kids some of them are with my mother and the others are with me so I don’t like that. Gofundme <<< That’s the link for those who wanna help. We lost everything the little shit I had I don’t got any more. It’s so depression but we’ll make it. We lost no one v that’s the good thing



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Sometimes things make you ready to give up and you keep fighting and then wonder what you’re even fighting for. You gotta figure is it worth it? Does the happiness out weigh everything else? You scared of change or is what you’re fighting for what you really want so you keep trying, fighting no matter how hard it gets


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Well so ok, we had one tv it broke, kids broke it, I fixed it, then then broke two tv screens.. So we brought a new one and… They broke it. So now we have the one I ficed but someone had to bend it off the stand and break it. So I’m pissed!! It’s annoying.. I’m mad.

My spouse wants to get preg and she isn’t so sexy is work, and I’m the one working. I wanna feel good too, I love getting my dick sucked but I can’t cause saliva might or does kill sperm. So can’t have that, she can’t be on top cause it’s not the best way t get preg. Now I feel her, I do, it’s been two years and she isn’t knocked up. So yeah I feel like a loser too. But damn stress is no god for sex either. Life is just annoyingly hard at this moment.

Shit happens?

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So, ok last night my spouses oldest son was supposed to babysit while we went off to the laundry mat. And looked for a house real quick, then when we’re heading home we see our eldest son. HE was talking about her oldest son and hitting kids, we thought it was just him doing what older brothers do pulling hair and so on. No he was being a asshole, messing witht he kids because he couldn’t find his candy, someone ate it. Then boom more shit happens and he’s arguing about a stupid spinner.

So his mom hells at him and he’s giving he the finger and saying stupid shit before he tried hitting her.. So I tackled him, cause I’m not letting you hit your mom fuck you kid. You’re of age just about legal in most states for sex with an adult, no. So after that, I found that stupid spinner gave it to him told him to go downstairs and he does. She calls her mom about him getting out to live with he. And he leaves again flipping her off.. WTF happen? Me being how I was raised you can’t come back from hitting your mother no.. So I agreed he should leave. Cops came, so much bs drama.  So annoyed

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How the fuck do you work for housing and say shit like maybe mer and mine need to septate and I take half kids she take other half so we can move out? So cause you a ass you wanna separate my family? You say I should put my kids in foster care then if I can’t live with them with out housing? The fuck? I wish I could catch this dude on some legal shit. But no, revenge will be swift yet slow.. I’ll do ITU legally at first but if it don’t work… Well magically I’ll find something, might be easy to ruin someone’s day but I know I can run s sometimes life

This WTF Shit

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So, ok well like Friday this dude came to our house saying they were here to do an inspection. I laughed and said I think you have there wrong date. So we get more info or if them someone called code and housing on us, we think the neighbors but maybe it was his landlord hell maybe ours? Who knows. So we get the house cleaned and situated for Monday cause we weren’t letting them in. I frankly didn’t trust them, they tried so hard to get in so… MY thought was the person who called them was in connection with them… Because I felt from their pure presence they wanted to kick us out. So Monday we did our shit they came. Said this house needs to be renovated land Lord Said nope. If her had to do that they gotta move out… So I don’t know.. he could just be mad but he could be serious… So yeah we’re looking for new place. This is our fault cause or kids that’s the only reason. The only reason…. So annoying so pissed


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So ok, today code came to my house.. CODE!!! Fucking really? Telling me they needed to come back and inspect my house. I told them no they started telling us they can come back with a warrant and I was like ok.. Go. But then they decided they can wait till monday. Thing is, they were called.. By someone. Saying our yard was a mess, ok it is. And I’m ok with that. Cause I DON”T use my yard at all.. My neighbors do, and I’m sure they called.. See my one neighbor told me there was a egg on his car.. I said sorry cause I had a feeling my kids did it.

Next like a few hours later he tells my spouse.. And I’m thinking why? From what she said he was making it like we should pay for a car washing cause he can’t get the smell out.. IT wasa BROKE egg there is no smell once it’s cleaned or solidifies.  If it was a whole egg yes it will stink. But she reminded him of when his son broke our window, he didn’t pay for it he said he couldn’t! But he would do our yard.. He never really did. So when we get this guy coming to our house we assume it was him. Cause it wouldn’t be the first time. I remember once he said something about our yard and then the next few days someone came to talk about our yard. So I’m pissed we got till monday and I wanna fuck his shit up.. But the time doesn’t make sense.. The guy said he was called in the morning, yet the neighbor asked my spouse in the afternoon.. Did he think he was gona double fuck us? Get money and call on us? Some reason the cops were called too cause they thought we be hostile.. WTF was said to make this dude think that?! What was fucking said!!! I heard my girl crying on the porch when she was talking to the guys so I came out cause that shit makes me mad. But ok whatever.. We’ll do this house ok enough. We’re getting things done so.. Fuck.. I’m mad I wanna fuck like an animal and eat burgers.. So mad!!!