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I’ll be deleting this in a week maybe. I’ll still post but a new name and all..


Racist Interracial?

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So this one is about the online community and Interracial.

I often see like a lot of black men/white women post going on. And if it is racist it’s like they are superior because their dicks are bigger. He owns you cause of his dick size, better then your other race husband because his dick is bigger!

That to me is racist. I mean he’s not better because he’s smarter, more manlier, gets paid more or because he just is better it’s only about dick size of a black man? Wow what the fuck we are more then walking dicks, women come on! I know it’s fantasy and play for some but for many it isn’t. And when you expect all of us to be ghetto knowledge, Tupac/rap quoting niggas it’s an insult.  Who speak like we never went to school? Nah. Lol.

Now the off chance I see some nonracist interracial is rare. Because it gets covered with White genocide quotes like ‘White girls should only fuck black men and breed black babies, no more whites’ To me that is fucking crazy!  I love white women, hell all race of women and I love to continuously fuck them all but not to breed them out of the world. Fuck I’m not into that shit.  So either we’re only good enough for our dicks or white people only want to be breed to their doom.

Now this isn’t all, this isn’t where it ends. No. IR when it’s a white man and black woman(on the net) is one of the racist things ever as well. It’s like breed that nigger bitch, she loves masters dick, she knows her place and even genocide like post about it too. And it’s like the same thing but a different color. Everything you read about the black male Interracial is the same for the white man interracial. It’s crazy to me. I mean shit can’t it just be like Black man just wanna get in that white cunt? Or white man just wanna fuck that black booty? Why does it have to be so hateful? Sex to me is about FUN and love, even if it’s not loving her or him it’s loving their goods. Feel me? But damn the hate is crazy.

Well I don’t let it sway me to much. I just think damn it should be all about fun and all that good shit not another form of killing off or something. Lol.. Just people man.


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so my house caught fire the inside is is burned and damaged Beyond repair we’re living with her father because we have no place to go. We are trying to figure out what to do it’s kind of hard people have been helpful giving us things donating things the police have been helpful.. We’re just looking for places to live checking out whatever houses are for rent whatever can work with Section 8 or we can get off of Section 8 and just pay for our own place a much smaller place if we don’t use Section 8 we have a GoFundMe account my mother made Red Cross help the little we’re trying to see how much more they can help since I heard they usually put people up in hotels or something it would be so much better than staying with her father he has a one-bedroom place he’s an old man he’s not used to having a lot of kids at his house and my family my family is separated because my kids some of them are with my mother and the others are with me so I don’t like that. Gofundme <<< That’s the link for those who wanna help. We lost everything the little shit I had I don’t got any more. It’s so depression but we’ll make it. We lost no one v that’s the good thing


Unposted FB post 1

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Sometimes things make you ready to give up and you keep fighting and then wonder what you’re even fighting for. You gotta figure is it worth it? Does the happiness out weigh everything else? You scared of change or is what you’re fighting for what you really want so you keep trying, fighting no matter how hard it gets


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Well so ok, we had one tv it broke, kids broke it, I fixed it, then then broke two tv screens.. So we brought a new one and… They broke it. So now we have the one I ficed but someone had to bend it off the stand and break it. So I’m pissed!! It’s annoying.. I’m mad.

My spouse wants to get preg and she isn’t so sexy is work, and I’m the one working. I wanna feel good too, I love getting my dick sucked but I can’t cause saliva might or does kill sperm. So can’t have that, she can’t be on top cause it’s not the best way t get preg. Now I feel her, I do, it’s been two years and she isn’t knocked up. So yeah I feel like a loser too. But damn stress is no god for sex either. Life is just annoyingly hard at this moment.

Shit happens?

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So, ok last night my spouses oldest son was supposed to babysit while we went off to the laundry mat. And looked for a house real quick, then when we’re heading home we see our eldest son. HE was talking about her oldest son and hitting kids, we thought it was just him doing what older brothers do pulling hair and so on. No he was being a asshole, messing witht he kids because he couldn’t find his candy, someone ate it. Then boom more shit happens and he’s arguing about a stupid spinner.

So his mom hells at him and he’s giving he the finger and saying stupid shit before he tried hitting her.. So I tackled him, cause I’m not letting you hit your mom fuck you kid. You’re of age just about legal in most states for sex with an adult, no. So after that, I found that stupid spinner gave it to him told him to go downstairs and he does. She calls her mom about him getting out to live with he. And he leaves again flipping her off.. WTF happen? Me being how I was raised you can’t come back from hitting your mother no.. So I agreed he should leave. Cops came, so much bs drama.  So annoyed

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How the fuck do you work for housing and say shit like maybe mer and mine need to septate and I take half kids she take other half so we can move out? So cause you a ass you wanna separate my family? You say I should put my kids in foster care then if I can’t live with them with out housing? The fuck? I wish I could catch this dude on some legal shit. But no, revenge will be swift yet slow.. I’ll do ITU legally at first but if it don’t work… Well magically I’ll find something, might be easy to ruin someone’s day but I know I can run s sometimes life