So last night I had a good chat, was a little sad by it. Like you finger out someone wanted you liked you wanted them, but they can’t be with you cause you have things going on. So she won’t be a secret lover? Which with me and my taking pictures and my fet and xhamster but who wants to be known mainly in those? I totally feel her… Well I feel her for her. I’ve been the side side before so I’m ok with those things.  I can’t stop thinking if her though lol that chat boosted there naughty thoughts in my mind. Ever get in a mood where you want a chick to sit in your face bare ass? Not smother more liker feedee mer that pussy? Kinda a thought I’m having right now…. Anyway I gotta cute my depression… I used to have a friend who did it fort me sending me pics.. loved that made me feel better all three time. Hope things work out this time around


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