So ok, today code came to my house.. CODE!!! Fucking really? Telling me they needed to come back and inspect my house. I told them no they started telling us they can come back with a warrant and I was like ok.. Go. But then they decided they can wait till monday. Thing is, they were called.. By someone. Saying our yard was a mess, ok it is. And I’m ok with that. Cause I DON”T use my yard at all.. My neighbors do, and I’m sure they called.. See my one neighbor told me there was a egg on his car.. I said sorry cause I had a feeling my kids did it.

Next like a few hours later he tells my spouse.. And I’m thinking why? From what she said he was making it like we should pay for a car washing cause he can’t get the smell out.. IT wasa BROKE egg there is no smell once it’s cleaned or solidifies.  If it was a whole egg yes it will stink. But she reminded him of when his son broke our window, he didn’t pay for it he said he couldn’t! But he would do our yard.. He never really did. So when we get this guy coming to our house we assume it was him. Cause it wouldn’t be the first time. I remember once he said something about our yard and then the next few days someone came to talk about our yard. So I’m pissed we got till monday and I wanna fuck his shit up.. But the time doesn’t make sense.. The guy said he was called in the morning, yet the neighbor asked my spouse in the afternoon.. Did he think he was gona double fuck us? Get money and call on us? Some reason the cops were called too cause they thought we be hostile.. WTF was said to make this dude think that?! What was fucking said!!! I heard my girl crying on the porch when she was talking to the guys so I came out cause that shit makes me mad. But ok whatever.. We’ll do this house ok enough. We’re getting things done so.. Fuck.. I’m mad I wanna fuck like an animal and eat burgers.. So mad!!!


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