This WTF Shit

So, ok well like Friday this dude came to our house saying they were here to do an inspection. I laughed and said I think you have there wrong date. So we get more info or if them someone called code and housing on us, we think the neighbors but maybe it was his landlord hell maybe ours? Who knows. So we get the house cleaned and situated for Monday cause we weren’t letting them in. I frankly didn’t trust them, they tried so hard to get in so… MY thought was the person who called them was in connection with them… Because I felt from their pure presence they wanted to kick us out. So Monday we did our shit they came. Said this house needs to be renovated land Lord Said nope. If her had to do that they gotta move out… So I don’t know.. he could just be mad but he could be serious… So yeah we’re looking for new place. This is our fault cause or kids that’s the only reason. The only reason…. So annoying so pissed


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