Shit happens?

So, ok last night my spouses oldest son was supposed to babysit while we went off to the laundry mat. And looked for a house real quick, then when we’re heading home we see our eldest son. HE was talking about her oldest son and hitting kids, we thought it was just him doing what older brothers do pulling hair and so on. No he was being a asshole, messing witht he kids because he couldn’t find his candy, someone ate it. Then boom more shit happens and he’s arguing about a stupid spinner.

So his mom hells at him and he’s giving he the finger and saying stupid shit before he tried hitting her.. So I tackled him, cause I’m not letting you hit your mom fuck you kid. You’re of age just about legal in most states for sex with an adult, no. So after that, I found that stupid spinner gave it to him told him to go downstairs and he does. She calls her mom about him getting out to live with he. And he leaves again flipping her off.. WTF happen? Me being how I was raised you can’t come back from hitting your mother no.. So I agreed he should leave. Cops came, so much bs drama.  So annoyed


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