Well so ok, we had one tv it broke, kids broke it, I fixed it, then then broke two tv screens.. So we brought a new one and… They broke it. So now we have the one I ficed but someone had to bend it off the stand and break it. So I’m pissed!! It’s annoying.. I’m mad.

My spouse wants to get preg and she isn’t so sexy is work, and I’m the one working. I wanna feel good too, I love getting my dick sucked but I can’t cause saliva might or does kill sperm. So can’t have that, she can’t be on top cause it’s not the best way t get preg. Now I feel her, I do, it’s been two years and she isn’t knocked up. So yeah I feel like a loser too. But damn stress is no god for sex either. Life is just annoyingly hard at this moment.


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